Tuesday, October 12, 2010

November 2nd - Mangalitsa Dinner in Chicago - Stephanie Izard

EDITOR: Dan Fox, from the Madison Club, explained to me that it is his Mangalitsa going to the Stephanie Izard dinner. I'll post more details once I get them. I'm leaving the original post as is until then.

There's going to be a Mangalitsa dinner in Chicago November 2nd. Heath Putnam Farms bred the Mangalitsa pig. These guys bought the pig and finished it, documenting many of the steps:
They picked up the pigs. I love how Pig Breeder #1 looks at them like they are from outer space, in their fancy clothes and new muck boots.

They took pictures of our farm and some other farm with pink pigs on it (we don't own any pink pigs).

They took the pigs to their county fair.

They cut some pig up.

The chef for the dinner, Stephanie Izard, is a winner on the show Top Chef.

I like it when winners choose Mangalitsa.

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