Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Pigs Will Make you Cry

According to the blog of the Broward Palm Beach New Times, our pigs will make you cry. As they write:
3. Heritage pork

You know the pig industry is in deep pigshit when its slogan is "the other white meat." Ooh, so pork has as much flavor as chicken. Can't wait to gum up of some of that mucilage. Berkshire, Red Wattle, and Duroc are all flavorful breeds. And if you ever get the chance to taste Mangalitsa pork, you will weep with sheer pleasure.
Just look how that's formulated. They say the non-Mangalitsa ones are flavorful, but that Mangalitsa pork will provoke an uncontrolled emotional response, typically associated with things like graduations, weddings, funerals, etc.

They lump Berkshire, Red Wattle and Duroc all together, as they should. This is what the meat science panels say - Mangalitsa is so better and so different, it belongs in its own category. The fattest pigs taste the best.

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