Friday, January 9, 2009

Cochon 555 New York

The Taste Network is having a breed-specific pig competition in New York.

Mosefund Farm, of New Jersey, will compete with a Mangalitsa from Wooly Pigs. Michael Clampffer, the chef of Mosefund Farm, will compete against four other chefs, among them Del Posto's Mark Ladner.

When the competition was held in Napa, Chris Cosentino won the competition with a Mangalitsa. Among other things, he served skewered fatback. Here's a menu that Michael did in December, which impressed the attendees. I really loved the bacon, whipped lard and Italian sausage that he did.


As Mosefund Farm will be fattening Mangalitsa pigs for the New York area, this event gives them an opportunity to show New Yorkers what is so special about Mangalitsa.

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Anonymous said...

how much fat does a 70lb pig have? that's a pretty small pig. That lion you picture came from a much older animal.