Saturday, January 9, 2010

Napkor Pig-Killing Contest

Today is the day of 2010's Napkor Pig-Killing Contest.

From what I've seen, the Hungarians don't tradtionally stun the pigs before sticking them; they just stick them. I've seen people from Central America kill pigs the same way; the slaughterer, knife in hand, mortally wounds the pig with a quick stab to the heart. The pig bleeds out.

Millions (billions?) of pigs have met their maker that way.

Many contestants appear to be using Mangalitsa (Hungarian mangalica) pigs.

The looks on their faces are funny.


Michael said...

That guy in the bottom picture looks like a mangalitsa.

Heath said...

Michael -- I wasn't going mention it, but yeah, there is a resemblance between the guy on the right and a Mangalitsa: he's got long, curly hair and a fatty build with a particularly prominent jowl.

The guy on the right reminds me of Igor from "Frankenstein" - in a "yes Master" sort of way.