Monday, January 4, 2010

Food for Real and a Mangalitsa Side

Food for Real's Courtney has two posts about working with a Mangalitsa side (post 1 and post 2). She fabricated the side herself. For another way to do it, here's a video of Christoph Wiesner breaking down a side.

Her pictures (some shown above) are very nice. I'm happy Courtney agrees with me that:
...Mangalitsa is completely different animal than a pig bread to be lean. The mouth feel of the Mangalitsa is ephemeral and both meat and fat have a wonderful blend of umami and sweetness of flavor from the high fat content.
It all makes me want to eat some Mangalitsa bacon.

Edit: Courtney added a post about the ribs, with some photos.

Photo by Courtney

As she writes:
Taking one rib and looking at it closely, the difference between a Mangalitsa and a lean-bred pig is obvious. A lean-bred pig generally has little or no meat or fat on the inside of the ribs. The Mangalitsa, on the other hand, has a very generous fatty layer on both sides.

Photo by Courtney

One day, barbecue fans will discover Mangalitsa ribs.

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Courtney said...

I had the ribs and they were astonishing. The post about them should be up tomorrow.

The video is great, too. Thanks, Heath!