Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roaster Pigs

Buy these pigs or else they'll become roaster pigs ...

We're killing a batch of roaster pigs in two weeks. Foods in Season will ship them directly from the slaughterhouse FRESH, never frozen, Jan 25th (or so).

They'll weigh approximately 50#. They are lard-type roaster pigs - the fattest, tastiest little pigs available.

They'll cost $399/pig delivered. Call 866-767-2464 to order.


charcutier said...

Heath, explain what you mean by "buy these or they'll become roaster pigs."


Heath said...

It is a reference to a famous National Lampoon add, "buy this magazine or we'll shoot this dog."

The pictured pigs are mostly F1 Mangalitsa x Meisan pigs.

Besides the few that will be used for breeding, you can buy them, or we'll turn them into roasters.

We don't want to market a bunch of F1 Mangalitsa pork, but we need a few of them for the breeding program.