Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pig Photos

I got some new photos from one of the farms.

The pigs run around in the snow.
Little pigs huddle in a hut for warmth.
Although the boar looks dramatic, what makes these pigs special is their fat and meat.

There's been a lot of snow.

They'll go to slaughter in the next 4 months.

One danger with running pigs outdoors in lots like these is that snow banks can build up along the fences, and then the pigs can just walk wherever they want to go. There's always the challenge of getting water and food to the pigs. They also gain weight slower in cold weather. This farm has plumbing to get the pigs water. Farms without that resort to things like feeding pigs potatoes or just having them eat snow.

As bad as this looks, it is worse in North Dakota, Canada and Minnesota. Thus, it is clear why the colder the weather generally is, the more reasons there are to keep pigs indoors.

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