Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pigstock 2010

I'm in NJ at Mosefund Farm's 2010 Pigstock. This is the first of two 3-day events involving Mangalitsa slaughter and processing, taught by Christoph Wiesner and his wife.

You can see photos of the event here.

Christoph, Isabelle and the students killed a total of 7 Mangalitsa pigs. We roasted one and ate it for dinner. It was great fun.

Philip Vogelzang, one of the students from Seattle, is a hoot. He's a surgeon, so when it is time to cut open pigs, he's using anatomical terms to describe the process. One of his biggest concerns was to figure out how to stick a pig, so that it would bleed out perfectly. From my own experience, I know it isn't easy to get right.

Philip is constructing a slaughterhouse for him and his neighbors to use. From the photos so far, it will be awesome. He'd like to have it be USDA-inspected.

Of course, I told Philip he needs to get some Mangalitsa pigs so that he and Bryce Lamb can kill and process them.

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