Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ardesia - Best Bar Food in NY

According to "Time Out New York", Ardesia has the most ambitious bar food. As "Time Out" explains:
... while special dinners highlight top-notch ingredients such as a multicourse tasting of the exceptional Mangalista pig breed. Eats this good could make you forget you came to drink...
I'm happy that a variety of restaurants recognize the superior quality of Mangalitsa pork, and that critics are giving them credit for using the best meat and fat produced in America.

I'm also happy that Ardesia in in New York - I'm hoping that good press in New York paves the way for Johnston County Hams and Knight Salumi to sell their cured products that they are making from our pork in New York - the USA's best market for Mangalitsa pork and products.

The more people there have heard of the exceptional Mangalitsa pig breed (details here) the better.

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