Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pork Market Perception

When I got into this business, I wasn't a pork fan. I just liked to eat Mangalitsa pigs. I really didn't understand how most chefs and consumers view pork. In the course of selling Mangalitsa pork, I've learned a lot more about this. This article describes typical attitudes quite well.

Given that Mangalitsa pork is so much more flavorful, fatty and expensive than meat-type pork, people marketing Mangalitsa pork typically run into problems, as do chefs who use Mangalitsa pork for the first time. The following may help people selling Mangalitsa pork, or perhaps chefs thinking of using Mangalitsa.

I'll excerpt the article and add my own comments:
The versatility of this favorite meat easily earns it a place on the menu of many restaurants and in the hearts of those who cook it.

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