Monday, April 12, 2010

Madison Club and Mangalitsa Pigs

We've exported pigs to Wisconsin

Chefs Dan Fox and Jason Veal from Madison Club (of Madison, Wisconsin) visited Pig Breeder #2 (close to Dubuque) and picked up some feeder pigs. They'll fatten them and eventually process them into food.

The Madison Club is a private club, a bit like the Washington Athletic Club.

Chefs Fox and Veal have been quite active in events like this one, so it isn't surprising that they are fattening and processing pigs. It is neat to think of a private club owning its own livestock.

We had a nice chat about things like how to cut Mangalitsa pigs and the cuts that Wooly Pigs sells.

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Anonymous said...

The Madison Club crew is outstanding. I'm very excited that they are branching out!