Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bill The Butcher has More Mangalitsa Now

Bill the Butcher bought more pigs, so they've got more in stock now.

I visited their new Magnolia store, which opens tomorrow. Later that same day, after visiting Eric Banh at Monsoon, I visited their Madison Valley store, where they were selling the meat briskly.

One thing that's neat about Bill the Butcher is that the guys behind the meat counter are chefs, like Scott Molyneaux. Chefs can give their customers good advice.

A neat thing about Bill the Butcher is that they can sell people chef-ready (in German "Kochfertig") food. E.g. take a tenderloin, cut it down the middle and put a slice of speck in it and sell that to a customer. That's the sort of thing that Kropf in Austria would do.

When I sell stuff at the farmers market, I don't do that - because I'm not set up to process meat. E.g. I can't legally cut meat, wrap meat, portion meat, combine meat, slice meat, etc. If you want to do that stuff, you have to have the right space, equipment and permits - the sort of setup that a butcher has.

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Joe said...

Grilled about 8 pounds of pork rack from Bill the Butcher tonight. It was SOOOOOOOO good.