Monday, July 12, 2010

Wooly Pigs Selling Swallow-Belly Mangalitsa Genetics

Swallow-belly Mangalitsa sow

I've always understood that in the end, if Wooly Pigs was successful, lots of people would want to own Mangalitsa pigs, and lots of people would have Mangalitsa pigs.

We brought the pigs to this hemisphere, built a production network, positioned Mangalitsa as America's super-premium pig breed, built a network of people across the USA fattening the pigs, brought Europeans to America to train our processor how to cut and process the pigs, got European experts to release a free (and the best book so far) on cutting pigs and so on.

The next step is to take it national (and counting Canada, international), which means selling breeding stock. This is going to be done in a way that maximizes the impact, just like we've done everything else. People who want to eat, cook, prepare or process Mangalitsa pork will be able to get it, because the pigs will be raised all over the USA* and perhaps Canada.

It has never been possible for Americans to easily acquire some of the best-tasting pigs in the world. Now it will be.

If you'd like to buy Mangalitsa breeding stock, please contact me -

* We've already got people raising them in Texas and Florida. They do just fine in the hot climate.

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Morgan said...

I will say, just as a matter of clarification for raising pigs in Texas: They need a muddy "wallow" about 8 inches deep, filled with water, if they are going to be pastured out of doors. This time of year, they spend about 90% of the day in them.

We separated a half dozen over the weekend and had them in a pen, getting ready to move them to another pasture. After about a half hour without having access to their wallow, they were so hot and tired, that they looked like they could have died from exhaustion at any moment. That being said, we have NEVER had any issues with one overheating, given the fact that we have sufficient means for them to cool down in the heat of the day. They have done very well here.