Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Corton & Heath Putnam Farms

Mangalitsa sirloin at Corton, NYC

I got a photo of our product at Corton, in New York City.

Corton is one of the 11 restaurants in New York City that have 2 or more Michelin stars. It is famous for only cooking sous vide. Supposedly it doesn't have a normal oven. The founder is Paul Liebrandt, a really nice guy. Here's me with Paul (seated):

Paul likes to buy the sirloin. It makes a nice pavé - unlike the neck, there's not big chunks of fat in there.*

Paul is our customer because DeBragga, our New York distributor, found him, figured out what he wanted and has been telling us what to do to keep him satisfied.

Customers like Paul are the best if you want to improve your product; they'll spot any flaws, call you up, and tell you to fix it. Other customers don't necessarily notice mistakes, or if they do, they don't care enough to call and tell you what they see. It isn't easy having customers like Paul, but if you can keep a guy like Paul happy, you've probably got a very high quality product that others want too.

* That isn't to say the neck isn't wonderful: customers like The Herbfarm and Per Se, based on their purchasing patterns, prefer the neck over the sirloin.

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