Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pigs are Always Growth Hormone Free

As mentioned in this article, pigs in the USA don't ever eat growth hormones.

Many consumers don't undestand this. It is routine to see otherwise educated people talking about chickens and pigs eating growth hormones, being full of growth hormones, etc.

If you are concerned about avoiding growth hormones, just skip all beef, hogget, lamb and mutton. You can eat pork all you want.

Of course, many pigs eat things that promote lean growth, like ractopamine (Paylean) and subtherapeutic antibiotics. Those are not growth hormones. Some people want to avoid eating animals that have eaten things that promote lean growth.

Wooly Pigs doesn't feed its pigs subtherapeutic antibiotics nor does it feed ractopamine, because doing so would work against our top priority - eating quality. Lean animals don't taste as good as fatty ones. Whether the chemicals are growth hormones or not, if they promote lean growth, Wooly Pigs doesn't feed them.

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