Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Japanese Mangalitsa Marketing

Someone is marketing Mangalitsa in Japan, in a really neat way. I find the Hungarian images done Japanese-style very striking.

I imagine that the pig on the tote is saying, "Oh no! They are going to eat me!"

They've got a cute character to represent the Mangalitsa pig. It looks a shy.

They've got meat-porn photos.

They've got cured products. Using google translation, it seems they are say it "Mangarittsua pork pancetta"

If you look at their pancetta pictures closely, you can see they don't de-rib the bellies the way we do:

That stuff missing on the upper right piece of the pancetta is lean meat (and ribs) that probably got taken off as spareribs.

Heath Putnam Farms belly - deribbed, fat soft pounded out, trimmed for curing. No spareribs means there's maximal lean meat on the belly.

The result is that our speck is a bit more meaty than it would otherwise be. The top surface of the speck below is mostly lean.

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