Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fifth of July Mangalitsa Dinner

I got dinner at another customer's place tonight (read here about yesterday's). He bought a Mangalitsa shoulder from Bill the Butcher. I brought some jowl speck, which looked a lot like Rathbun's cured Mangalitsa jowl and a boneless rib-loin roast.

The cured jowl was a hit. The host served it on toast. He put it in the oven, so the speck cooked up a bit.

Rathbun's cured jowl, by the way, is mighty fine looking.

There was a 2-year old at the party. He really liked the speck. After he had his first toast, he just wanted to eat the speck, without the bread. His parents had to control him and stop him from just mowing his way through the speck.

The shoulder and rib-loins were a favorite too. The evidence: all the Mangalitsa that the host put down in front of the guests got eaten, and quite quickly. Meanwhile, at the end of the night, he was giving away racks of ribs. Yes, he did purchase a lot of ribs - but if they'd been Mangalitsa ribs, I don't think he'd have as many of them sitting in his fridge now.

Another sign that the 2-year old has good taste: his mom left him unattended. He went over to the Mangalitsa pork chops and started gnawing on them. He didn't gnaw on the raw beef patties at all - just the Mangalitsa chops.

I'm incredibly lucky to have such generous customers. Basically, they really appreciate great stuff. They like to share great stuff with others who appreciate it.

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