Friday, July 16, 2010

Mangalitsa - the Healthy & Fatty Breed

There's a Hungarian article here about the Mangalitsa, the healthy & fatty pig. It makes the typical Mangalitsa-as-Wagyu comparison:
“So as “wagyu” beef could not be considered a real beef, the mangalitsa neither mangalica is a real pig, it is just an alternative for healthier diets. The meat of mangalitsa is shot* by grease; the spaces between cells are full of grease instead of water. When backing, it is not the water which comes out, but the grease, which means, that it is easier to roast throughout, the only difficulty is that we have to deal with the 70-72% of fat. What is noticeable before cooking is that the surface of the meat is fatter and more slippery, than the average meat.”

*shot by grease = supermarbled

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