Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nipples & Udders, Deadhead Boars

A bunch of sows got culled for damaging their nipples. They probably stepped on them or snagged them. Obviously, if they don't have nipples, they can't feed their pigs.

Others are getting culled for drying up. It is terrible when a sow dries up and can't feed her pigs naturally.

These sows that have the problems have particularly short legs and low-hanging bellies. They have some of the best bodies, but if they can't do their job, they get culled.

There's a boar who is getting culled for not being able to consistently get his penis into a sow's vagina. The guy has one job to do - breed the sows - and he can't do it competently.

It is tough on the pig breeder - he hand mates the sows, so he has to watch the trainwreck unfold every time he tries to use this boar.

If the boar lived in the wild, he'd have it a lot tougher. He'd have to spend most of his time proving to the other boars that he was the toughest. We take all that pressure away - all he has to do is breed those sows. He's one of the best looking boars we've got - but if he can't do his job, he's got to go.

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