Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suisun Valley Farm's Pigs

Photo by Shane Petersen

Shane Petersen and his wife (Suisun Valley Farm) sell Mangalitsa pigs to The French Laundry and other high-end Bay Area restaurants.* Heath Putnam Farms sells them feeder pigs, which they fatten on their farm.

They are hobby farmers - but very serious about their hobbies.

In addition to making his own beer, lardo and pancetta, Shane makes his own saucisson sec. His wife is expert at cutting up pigs - she cuts up pigs better (less waste) than most "artisanal" butchers. They cook sous vide, in a sous vide rig that Shane built himself.

Photo by Shane Petersen

If you are a professional who has ever dreamed of being a farmer, cook, brewer, etc. producing really great food & drink -- well, they are doing it right now, because they like doing that sort of thing.

Finally, in addition to being ridiculously competent, they are very nice people.

* Call Shane at 707-815-0039 to order your Mangalitsa now.


Jennifer S said...

I aspire to be ridiculously competent! :)

Star Meats LLC said...

Star Meats in Berkeley is proud to be receiving one of Suisun Valley's Mangalitsa's Saturday June 25, 2011! We'll be butchering it at 2pm for those who are interested in the process.