Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Negro Lampino - Wu-Tang Pigs

The picture above shows a Negro Lampino. That is the most Mangalitsa-like Iberico breed. Of the various Iberico breeds, it is the most fat-prone, tasty, slow-growing and least profligate.

Here's a Negro lampino from a Spanish website, that shows the different breeds that can be called "Iberico" - in the sense of jamon Iberico.

Wu-Tang Pig

The question - what is this pig here? It is a youngish pig. It is all black, almost hairless. It is very lardy. It looks an awful lot like the Negro Lampino in the middle. Hopefully one day it will look like the ridiculously fat one above.

Did someone import Iberian Black swine? Sure, Wooly Pigs imported Mangalitsa pigs and produces them in the Western Hemisphere. Wooly Pigs has what it takes to import Iberian Black pigs - and could conceivably make money doing it - suddenly we'd be your one-stop shop for super-premium Europigs.

But did Wooly Pigs actually do it?

Let's see if anyone figures it out.


The bottom pig is a Mangalitsa x Meishan F1. They are 100% lard-type, so their meat will be excellent. The F1 Mangalitsa x Meishan sows ought to produce many more pigs than Mangalitsa sows. Bred to a Mangalitsa boar, they will produce 75% mangalitsa (25% Meishan) market hogs, which ought to keep our customers happy while allowing us to reduce costs.

Finally, Wu-Tang Pigs are a reality. There's even a web domain - - but for now, it is the same as, and

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Anonymous said...

That pig is a Meishan crossed with something else.