Friday, January 14, 2011

Cochon 555 New York - a lot of Mangalitsa!

If you can make it to Cochon 555 in New York on January 23rd, you ought to be able to try Mangalitsa in various forms.

Mosefund will have a pig in the fight. Bill Telepan - a chef of Magyar origin - will be preparing it. I hope he wins one for the team - although, Mangalitsa fans know Mangalitsa tastes the best anyway, regardless of what the judges and crowds think.*

My distributor, DeBragga and Spitler will be there. I suspect that George Faison himself will be there, sampling out Mangalitsa ham from Johnston County Hams. They will also have lardo (and hopefully pancetta and guanciale) from Salumeria Biellese.

* I've gotten used to Mangalitsa producers losing Cochon 555. The event isn't a meat-science experiment. To some extent it is a popularity contest; the guy with the most friends in the room has a big edge over the other competitors.

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