Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome New Blog Readers

Since the recent New York Times story about Mangalitsa pigs appeared, this blog has some new readers.

Besides reading this blog, I also recommend you check out this post on Dr. Mike Eades's blog, about his 3-day visit to Mosefund Farm, where he learned how to kill, gut, cut up and cure Mangalitsa pigs. Why I like his post so much:
  • Mosefund and The Wiesners (their blog here) put on a great event. I wish I could have attended. It is great to have it documented.
  • Dr Eades understands hogs. That's refreshing. So few do.
  • He's got nice pictures of the event.
  • Reading his post, I'm reminded that Mangalitsa producers and Mangalitsa fans are a different breed.

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