Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food Channel - Mangalitsa is the "trendsetting porker for 2011"

The Food Channel notes on their website that Mangalitsa pork is the "trendsetting porker for 2011."

One interesting thing is that The Food Channel's "Next Iron Chef", which featured Mangalitsa, has helped to make Mangalitsa the trendsetting pig that it is.

If you are consumer reading this and want to get some, the easiest way is to visit DeBragga's website and order some.

My analysis: the Mangalitsa is an extreme lard-type pig, fundamentally different and better from all the other pork readily available in the USA. Europe produces millions of pigs like the Mangalitsa every year. The USA currently produces just a few thousand.

The Mangalitsa trend is in the very early phases; barring something unforseeable, consumption of Mangalitsa is going to increase for several years. The Mangalitsa is likely to be the trendsetting pig of our decade.

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