Monday, January 17, 2011

Finding a Jowl When You Least Expect It

Pulp Fiction: Vincent Finds the Suitcase.

When you like something, like Mangalitsa, it can be great when you find it unexpectedly.

There's times when I think I'm out of something - e.g. jowl bacon - and then I discover a pack of it somewhere. I get really happy.

I've seen pigs do the same thing. They'll be going around, looking for food. When they find something, they grunt happily. That normally draws the attention of other pigs, who come over to take some.

The Sausage Debauchery has a description of finding a jowl when he didn't expect it:
I rescued this this out of a lug full of scraps given to me by Mosefund Michael. Most was intended to be used for salame. I made 10lbs of 'nduja with Mangalitsa belly and jowl scraps. Made about 5lbs of Salame Felino with some shoulder and neck scraps with some scrap fatback. But, at the bottom of the lug, I swear this thing lit up like the suitcase from "Pulp Fiction." No way I was scrapping it. I'd actually been looking for a jowl since I returned from Italy...
I know exactly what this guy is talking about. It is like finding money on the street.

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