Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Serious Pie

Pizza at Serious Pie. Photo by Aubrey Bach

The Seattle-focused blog Yay Today! has a post about Serious Pie's happy hour.

Some of Serious Pie's pizzas are topped with cured Mangalitsa products. You can order those during happy our or their regular hours.

The pizzas I know are clams and pancetta and soft egg and guanciale. My favorite is the guanciale. It is amazing. Another thing that's amazing: how little Mangalitsa guanciale it takes to make something really tasty.

It is great to be able to walk into a restaurant and eat my own Mangalitsa pizza. Just saying, "Mangalitsa pizza" is fun.

If you go during Happy Hour, you can get small pizzas at a bargain price, along with cheap drinks.

If you are a Mangalitsa fanatic, you can ask them to bring you a sampler plate of their Mangalitsa products. They may or may not oblige - but you can always ask.

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