Thursday, April 7, 2011

Revival Meats and Their Mangalitsa in the News

I saw these mentions of Revival Meats and their Mangalitsa pork (which they produced from pigs they bought from Heath Putnam Farms) in the news today:

A review of Foreign & Domestic, an Austin restaurant:
We are excited to see Revival Meats' famed Mangalitsa pork on the menu of this small, low-profile/high-energy restaurant... we tackle that Mangalitsa pork dish. It's an astonishment: hugely rich roasted pork ringed by crispy chicken livers, dried fruits, small clumps of oats (yes, oats) and a drizzle of vanilla-scented black butter...
Food and Wine declares Revival Market Houston's best new market:
Sandwich to try: Revival Dog, a Mangalitsa hot dog served on a pretzel bun and topped with green tomato relish.
As I wrote a bit ago, I'm very happy that Revival Market is open. It guarantees that at least somewhere in the USA, you can walk in and buy some Mangalitsa.

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