Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yet More Paleo Customers

I had yet more paleo customers at the farmers' market today.

One bought eight pounds of lard and some lardo. He has lost something like 30 pounds of fat in a few months by eating vegetables, meat and animal fats and doing some resistance training. This is similar to my own story.*

Also, "Z" showed up again. He's a serious CrossFitter with something like 12% body fat. He wanted more lardo and bacon.

I explained that I'll give him a tub of lard if he'll give me a photo of him with his shirt off. I said he's welcome to hide his face if he's shy.

He said he's in the middle of a challenge (eating paleo for something like 6 weeks), so he doesn't want to provide a photo. This is the typical sort of perfectionism you see from CrossFitters - e.g. the kind of guy who is afraid that he needs to cut down on his nut intake.

I said I'd give him one tub of lard for the mid-challenge photo now and one or more tubs of lard for his post-challenge photo. I got the feeling he was very tempted by the offer. Basically, he needs the lard to complete his paleo challenge. If he doesn't eat the fat, he won't survive. By merely submitting a picture he can save $16. We'll see if he comes through.

It all sounds ridiculous, but it is very important to show people that some people, in fantastic condition, are getting around 80% or so of their calories via animal fats.

* I'm at about 16% body fat right now. I'm trying to cut down a bit more, at which point I'm hoping to share some photos of me and other paleo dieters.

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