Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chef Bryce Lamb Update

You're next!

Bryce Lamb, aka "Mangalitsa Chef" has a gallery up on facebook showing Christoph Wiesner and Mr. Rohrhofer slaughtering a pig.

I've bought Mangalitsa breeding stock from both Wiesner and Rohrhofer. Its funny to see that farm, because I know Rohrhofer's system - he puts the pigs in the barn the last few weeks of their lives. When I see that pig in the barn, I know he's up next.

Rohrhofer served me some incredible Paprikaspeck when I visited his farm. Here's a picture of Bryce's gallery.

From talking to Isabel Wiesner, Bryce Lamb is cooking for them (and their four kids), while he learns all he can about how to process and cook Mangalitsa pigs.

The Wiesners get a live in chef, while Bryce gets to meet and learn from Austria's best (besides Chrstoph, I know he's met up with Marcel Kropf and Chef Manfred Stockner). While he's there, he can sample their products, watch them make things, ask them questions, etc.

Bryce ought to have a lot of ideas when he gets back to America.

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