Friday, June 18, 2010

Bill the Butcher has Some Mangalitsa Now

Bill and staff trying some Mangalitsa products - raw!

Bill the Butcher bought some product from Wooly Pigs. They've got our meat in their various Puget Sound stores.

My customers, many of whom have visited Bill the Butcher, have told me that Bill the Butcher has very good meat - the sort they can't get anywhere else.

One of their chefs, who runs the Redmond store, is a former cutsomer of mine, Scott Molyneaux. Scott worked at Grey Wolf Ranch. When he needed great stuff for special events, he'd call me and buy stuff.

This is the first round, so we'll see how things go from here. If people show up, buy the stuff and want to buy again, I figure Bill the Butcher will want to buy more pigs.

Many of Bill the Butcher's customers have bought from me before. A bunch of their customers probably haven't, because until now, we haven't had distribution that would reach them. I'm excited to have our products getting in front of new customers.

The photo above shows Bill (left) and staff trying some Mangalitsa bacon products. They ate them raw, despite them being non-shelf stable. That's impressive.

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