Monday, June 21, 2010

Mangalitsa Pigs Like to Eat Grass

I recently wrote about how Mangalitsa pigs are meaner to each other than typical pigs.

On a happier note, Mangalitsa pigs also like to eat grass a lot more than typical pigs.

They'll happily spend all day eating grass. They are a bit like cows, except unless they have rings in their noses, to stop them from rooting, they'll have a fun time ripping up pasture.

I spoke with Pig Breeder #1 about this. He's got some sows he can see near his house. he reports that they are out in the grass, eating pretty much the entire day. He feeds them a few pounds of corn, which they happily eat, but then it is back to the grass. Although he's raised pigs for decades, in a variety of systems, he's never seen pigs that like to eat grass so much.

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