Friday, June 4, 2010

Mangalitsa vs Iberico

While in New York helping to kick off the lard-type pork revolution, I ate an Iberico bellota sirloin chop for breakfast one morning, fried up in a pan.

Basically, it tasted like a Mangalitsa sirloin chop, with a slightly weaker flavor. Had I not known it was Iberico, I would have thought it was Mangalitsa.

This is entirely in keeping with various things I've seen about Mangalitsa vs Iberico.

The fat was a bit soft and breaking apart. I attribute that to the feed. It didn't not have a particularly nutty flavor - but perhaps if we'd cured that piece of sirloin, it would have developed.

I think that at approximately half the price of Iberico (and tasting very similar), we ought to be able to sell a lot of Mangalitsa in NYC.

Having eaten that stuff, I feel a lot more confident about our product; there's nothing cheaper yet still comparable to our stuff.

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zach said...

After the dinner I switched from Iberico to Mangalitsa for my dinner menu... cost:flavor is unbeatable!