Friday, June 18, 2010


At the event in Missouri, people got stuff to take home. Here's the contents of one bag, starting at the upper left, and moving across and down:

Mangalitsa jowl speck
Swiss Meat & Sausage Company bacon - made from meat-type pork
Swiss sausage
Swiss sausage

Mangalitsa sausage
Mangalitsa sausage
Mangalitsa lardo

Mangalitsa belly speck
Mangalitsa loin chops (bottom)
Mangalitsa neck steaks (top)
Mangalitsa fatback

I figure that by the time someone has eaten their way through that stuff, they'll understand what Mangalitsa is all about.

That jowl speck is half a jowl. If it was a whole Mangalitsa jowl, it could be 4-5 pounds.

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