Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mangalitsa In Fine Dining - Orlando, Florida

Todd English's Bluezoo in Orlando Florida is probably the restaurant in the USA that uses Mangalitsa pork in the most experimental ways. I hear they use at least one Mangalitsa a week - which is a lot.

Those guys really like buying, processing and serving Mangalitsa pork. Looking at Chef Chris Windus's blog, I see they've done some really fancy hot dogs. B Baxter works for Chris, and has his own blog.

The hotdog reminds me of Chef Manfred Stockner, formerly of Zum Weissen Rauchfangkehrer, who had a simple little smoked Manglaitsa sausage. The point was, you looked at it and it looked like nothing special - the sort of thing you might pick up at the train station from a food cart.

Of course, it tasted incredible.

I was talking with a Mangalitsa producer recently. I suggested that if he wants to get some ideas about what's possible, he might want to make a trip to Orlando and see what they are doing.

The pigs they use in Florida are fattened by Pasture Prime Wagyu.

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