Friday, August 20, 2010

Jimmy Fiala's Fish, Jowl Speck, Foods in Season Visit

Jimmy Fiala's fish, made with our jowl speck.

Jimmy Fiala, St. Louis restauranteur (in wikipedia no less!) - and major Mangalitsa enthusiast - sent me this photo of a fish greatly improved via our jowl speck. You can see Mike Sloan of Swiss Meat & Sausage Company holding a piece of jowl speck here:

Jimmy Fiala has requested that we just cured and dry some jowls, and forgo the smoking. That is, he wants guanciale, and not speck.

I want to oblige Jimmy. He's a great customer, and he says he'll test and release a Mangalitsa lard focaccia recipe - which is what I need.

I took a bunch of product to Foods in Season today, including a bunch of jowls and lardo. They'll start marketing those products to their customers. If you want to get our jowl speck, call 1-866-767-2464 and order some!

Selling this batch of jowl speck is a bit tricky becuase in the future, we'll be trimming the jowls more and removing the skin, and maybe even cutting them into small pieces, so that there's less sticker shock. It is tougher to sell a 4# cured jowl than a 1# jowl section.

The belly speck seems to be doing well. Customers are reordering. The best sign of this is that Foods in Season staff eat it. They are breaking Scarface's rule #2: don't get high on your own supply.

That's impressive too: they didn't grow up eating this stuff. They just tried it, really liked it and have been snacking on it.

I asked them if they had any of Rufus's ham, because I have yet to try it. They said it was all gone, another encouraging sign.

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