Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mangalitsa in St. Louis

Here's a review that mentions our Mangalitsa in St. Louis at Jimmy Fiala's Liluma:
The star of the evening was the Mangalitsa Pork Ribeye, served with a beautiful combination of green beans, heirloom tomatoes, sliced carrots, and balsamic. Mangalitsa's are a fattier pork product, so some trimming was in order once it arrived at the table, but the flavor was unmatched - a more robust, marbled, sensuous slice of pork I have never had. Take care - this was a large serving of meat, enough for two, so either pack up half before hand, or be prepared to split and fill in with some veggie-rich sides or small plates for the healthier experience.
My comments:

1) Next time I hope she eats the fat. It tastes great and is light, unlike other fat. It isn't gross and gristly.

2) Her reaction is tyipcal - the Mangalitsa is the best piece of pork she's ever had. For many people, their first bite of Mangalitsa is the best meat they've ever had.

3) Mangalitsa prices in St. Louis are low enough - due to logistical efficiencies - that chefs and diners get a lot for their money.

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