Monday, August 9, 2010

More on the Killer Mangalitsa

Is this the killer Mangalitsa, or a stock photo?

When I read the Google translation of this Hungary news story, I get the feeling I'm reading about a beloved family pet that did something awful. It reminds me of the dog stories where some family's pet mauls somebody and various people say they didn't think the dog had it in him.

This is a stock photo. He's not a killer.

From the tone of that story, I get the feeling they aren't in any hurry to kill the pig, so they'll probably turn him into szalonna, kolbasz, etc.

From my own experience, I'm all for eating the pig that bites you. I guess I'm just vengeful that way.

My own thought on this phenomenon - when you've got animals (or humans) capable of violence, but they normally abstain from violence, you really don't know where you stand.

How close were you to the animal or human going off? With an animal, they don't ever say, "I've had it up to here with you running me around like you're boss. Next time you do that, I'm going for your femoral aretery."

A human might tell you that; then again, maybe not. With a pig, you never know.

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