Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Mangalitsa that Killed his Owner

A Mangalitsa killed his owner by biting him in the leg. This is the English-language story spreading across the web. As it explains:
The hog, a 140-150 kg Hungarian breed called a mangalitsa, sometimes known as a curly-coated pig, broke out of its pen and as the owner attempted to force it back inside, the animal bit its owner on the thigh, severing an artery, local wire service MTI reported.
If the killer-pig looked anything like this supposed Mangalitsa cross, it wouldn't surprise me that if he attacked someone, he'd kill him.

Although low, that fence probably keeps that pig in most of the time. The pig only climbs up for a good reason.

I found this German-language report from Austria about the incident. It it more informative, particularly about the use of the pig for food. Here's some of it, translated by Google:

This wild boar genetically close woolly pig is regarded as good-natured. Its meat is prized above all for its cholesterol poverty and is therefore an export hit. Among other things, a lot of Spanish Serrano ham from Hungarian Mangalitsa meat is produced.

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