Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mangalitsa Videos

I found these videos on YouTube:

Report on some small Mangalitsa producers associated with Slow Food.

That first video has neat footage from a small farm. I like how they are clear that we need to eat the Mangalitsa pigs, or else. They make the "healthy fat" argument. I think Mangalitsa fat probably is healthier than other pig fat (as it is more monounsaturated) - but it is a lot easier to get people to pay a premium for the tastiest stuff (which Mangalitsa is).

They've got one-pig trailers.

Mangalits sow moves the piglets out of the way.

Mangalitsa sow gets up instead of crushing her runty piglet under her giant fat ass.

This shows some of the "big" guys. Peter Toth, the guy responsible for saving the various Mangalitsa breeds, is on camera a lot.

That last video doesn't give you the warm and fuzzy feelings that the first video does, but a company like Olmos es Toth is big enough to preserve a breed, while the small farmers in the first video don't have the resources to do it. The presentation here explains the symbiotic relationship between big and small Mangalitsa producers.

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