Friday, August 6, 2010

St. Louis is now Mangalitsatown

If you like to eat Mangalitsa pork, in all its forms - meat, fat, bacon, speck, lard, etc. St. Louis is the place to be.

St. Louis, due to its proximity to Swiss Meat and Sausage Company, is now Mangalitsatown.

As Evan Benn explains in this article on the St. Louis Post Dispatch's website, there's a lot of chefs serving Mangalitsa pork. There's almost all (or maybe all) of Jimmy Fiala's restaurants (e.g. The Crossing), Josh Galliano's Monarch, Kevin Nashan's Sidney St. Cafe. There's underground dinners serving Mangalitsa ravioli, braised neck, belly, lardo, etc.

Josh Galliano is frying his chicken in Mangalitsa lard! Finally, a place where you can get some decent fried chicken.

Just look at this menu (PASSWORD IS "wooly pig")
amuse: mangalitsa lardo, peach, cantaloupe
mangalitsa and pear ravioli w/ gorgonzola, grilled herbed toast
local heirloom tomatoes, yellow doll watermelon, lemon basil
mangalitsa pork belly w/ tomatillo plum jelly and fennel slaw
Cucumber gazpacho, melon sorbet
braised mangalitsa neck, roasted corn flan, cherry tomatoes
jalapeno cornbread ice cream, vanilla cornbread cake and lavender infused honey
That's making me hungry!

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