Saturday, August 21, 2010

NYC Paleo Dinner - Videos

Melissa McEwen posted this video preview of the NYC Paleo Mangalitsa dinner on YouTube. I previously mentioned her and her paleo peers here.

I like how Melissa starts:
We're gonna eat some really delicious food tonight. And its paleo food so that's the best part. But if I weren't paleo, this is an amazing kind of meat...

They didn't know how to cook it and had to have a chef phone in instructions.

The preview leaves you hanging wondering how it finishes. Here's her report:
I can't say we followed his instructions perfectly, but it still turned out wonderfully! It was crispy and melted in your mouth with succulent flavor. We devoured it all within an hour. I think the method was very similar to the one used by Thomas Keller in Ad Hoc at Home.
Here's another video from the event:

My thoughts:
  • Mangalitsa is very forgiving. You can make mistakes preparing it and still have it turn out well.
  • There's never enough Mangalitsa. It can get ugly at the end, when there's only a little bit on the serving platter.
Thanks again to DeBragga for making it happen.

I'm thinking the next time they have a paleo meetup, I want them to have a bunch of Mangalitsa lardo to snack on.

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Justine Lam said...

Our NorCal Paleo Meetup group is going to have a "Paleo Picnic" on Sept 25th -- for Mark's Daily Apple's contest (to win a cowshare). I was thinking of picking up some pork belly from Tom in San Francisco. Do you have recipes that you could share with us to use with WoolyPig products? Thanks, Justine