Friday, March 18, 2011

Revival Market Opening Monday

Come Monday, there's finally going to be a store where people can go in and buy Mangalitsa pork retail on a daily, regular basis - thanks to Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera.

Various stores across the USA have, from time to time, offered Mangalitsa pork. Unfortunately, none of them has stuck with it.

Hence, no American consumer who wants to eat Mangalitsa can walk into a store and know that the stuff will be there to buy. Americans value convenience and certainty; it irritates them off when they can't get what they want. They really like it when they can get what they want. And by "liking it", I mean "spend money freely."

To me, what's neat about Revival Market is that one of the owners, Morgan Weber, is committed to the Mangalitsa breed. He's got his own production - start to finish. He's going to have sell it through his store. He can't easily decide to stop carrying Mangalitsa.

In addition, Morgan's partner, Ryan Pera, processes the meat. So they can control all the variables that matter to deliver excellent quality Mangalitsa products to their customers.

For the same reason I'm happy that restaurant groups are committing to Mangalitsa pigs, I'm delighted that Morgan Weber has a retail store - they are committed to Mangalitsa production, and they've got it within their power to make and sell great products to people.

Good luck Morgan and Ryan!

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