Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Answer to "What is this?"

I recently put up this photo, asking, "what is this?"

It is a jowl. All the photos are from Kavin Du's blog, where he discusses what he did the Mangalitsa jowl he bought from Mosefund. I strongly recommend you just check out his blog.

He's really into it:
Mangalitsa jowl marinated with rose sorghum and teriyaki, air... on Twitpic The other 1 lb piece I slice it 1/4 inch thick, skin on, marinated in teriyaki and soy sauce and a little bit of the Chinese rose wine over night. Then I put them on a rack and air dry it. With Berkshire jowl this would seal the juice in. With the mangalista something interesting happened. The Italian got it right. The fat develops a firm, almost rubbery texture and a tangy bite so intriguing that you must try it for yourself.

I recently killed a bit fat Mangalitsa and got two 5.5# jowls from it. It is amazing what a delicious bounty Mangalitsa pigs provide us with.

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