Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Subculture Dining - Please Help With the Codename

Wooly Pigs is just starting to distribute Mangalitsa pork in the SF Bay Area.

First S.F. Mangalitsa Dinner

Until now, Bay Area customers have had to trek to The French Laundry to eat Mangalitsa. On October 15, there will be a Subculture Dining event featuring Mangalitsa pork.

Please Submit a Code Name!

The goal of Wooly Pigs is to supply San Francisco with Mangalitsa. There's a lot of potential Mangalitsa customers in the Bay Area, and our pig flow is substantial, so the rollout is something of a campaign or operation.

All good operations need a catchy code name. For instance, Microsoft has used the code names like "Chicago" and "Longhorn" for their projects.

So far, the best code name I've heard for our effort to distribute Mangalitsa pork in San Francisco is Porcupine. If you've got a suggestion you think is better, please submit it in the comments section.

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Richard Mockler said...

Well ... you could get more literal and honor the pig:

Operation Ivory [for lovely fat] or Ivory Coast
Operation Fuzzy Wuzzy

Or go with the spread the word theme:

Operation Loudspeaker
Operation Brass Band