Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gyimesi Family with Mangalica Pigs

An American of Hungarian descent, Dr. Zoltan Gyimesi, sent me these photos of his grandfather in Hungary with "mangalica" pigs. As I've mentioned before, Hungarians have a special relationship to the "mangalica".

I'm guessing the photo shows the piglet and then the fattened pig - but that's not clear.

That's one spoiled looking pig.These days, it is hard for people to understand the concept of having a pig around, enjoying its company a lot - and then killing it to provide food for the family.

The pictured pigs are probably blonde Mangalitsa, a slightyly different breed than the swallow-bellied ones I have. The blondes are a bit fatter, but I don't know of anyone who thinks they taste noticeably different from each other.

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