Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cargill Update

I wrote about Cargill before, with their "natural" line of pork. Since then, I've written about the issue of feeding pigs animal protein. Basically, some science says animal protein is good for the pigs - and it certainly is natural, as this video of wild boar shows.

Cargill is now giving the market what it wants - no-hormone, no-antibiotic pork, fed an all-vegetarian diet.

I'd be happier if they just went by the science (and nature) and continued feeding the pigs animal protein - like this Mangalitsa producer who feeds them leftovers from chicken processing.

If consumers demanded pork from pigs fed an "all Ben & Jerry's diet", yet science showed it was bad for the pigs, I'd likewise be against the "all Ben & Jerry's diet".

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