Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mangalitsa in NYC at Klee

I know some people in New York read this blog, so if you want to eat Mangalitsa in NYC, Klee is having a Mangalitsa-centered dinner.

Mosefund produced that Mangalitsa. Wooly Pigs sold them feeder pigs, they fattened them and sold the pork.

I'm looking forward to meeting Chef Klee in January 2010, at what I expect to be the best pig classes in America - Mosefund's 3-day slaughter, seam butchery and processing classes.


Richard Mockler said...

Heath -- the Pigstock 2010 event looks amazing. Any thoughts as to why they're using relatively little guys (#200 hanging weight)?
-- RWM

Heath said...

They are using relatively little guys because the Mangalitsa is a relatively little pig.

They'll be at least a year old, so they'll make good cured products.

A meat-type pig with a 200# carcass might only be 8-9 month old. It wouldn't be very suitable for cured products.

Richard Mockler said...

Learn something new every day. Thank you.

Michael said...

I dont think i will have any #200 hanging weight pigs in Jan. More like 240. The ones we killed this week were 247, 225 and 215.