Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mangalitsa Fat and Kids

A customer today explained that his Mangalitsa pork chops were the best he'd ever eaten and completely different from any porkchops he'd ever eaten. I'm used to that; that's fairly typical feedback.

He added that he took the fatback (approximately half the weight of the chops was fatback), sauted it and put it on some vegetables (cooked in Mangalitsa lard) - and his kid loved it. His kid had extra portions (one or two) of the vegetables. From the way he described it, the kid doesn't normally eat the vegetables so willingly; the Mangalitsa fat got the kid to eat his vegetables, and then some.

It is great to think that Mangalitsa pork (more precisely fatback) can get American children to eat their vegetables.

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