Friday, September 25, 2009

New Mangalitsa Producer - Pasture Prime Wagyu

The map above shows the locations of farms that either already fatten Mangalitsa (purebred or 75% crosses) or have paid Wooly Pigs for feeder pigs. Considering that this time last year, there were just 3 farms in the USA with Mangalitsa pigs, that's progress.

My favorite piggy is the blondish one, 4th from the right.

I'm happy to announce that Torm Siverson of Pasture Prime Wagyu is now fattening pigs with Mangalitsa genetics (75%) in Ocala, Florida.

He already raises purebred Wagyu cattle, which, like Mangalitsa, produce high quality meat and fat. Some of his customers expressed interest in Mangalitsa, so he called to buy some pigs.

It has long been clear: if someone buys Wagyu beef, he is an excellent candidate for Mangalitsa pork, because Mangalitsa is different from normal breeds in the same way that Wagyu is.

Pasture Prime Wagyu's pigs all have 75% Mangalitsa genetics. They grow a little faster, are a bit leaner and are more disease resistant than purebred Mangalitsa pigs.

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