Thursday, May 13, 2010


I found some Ukrainian sites with Mangalitsa pigs and crosses.

Ukraine is adjacent to Hungary, so it isn't surprising that Ukrainians have Mangalitsa pigs too. They've got some neat photos!

Photo from this Ukrainian website.

That thing looks like a Mangalitsa cross. Perhaps it is crossed with regular hogs, or perhaps a wild boar. I wouldn't want to make it angry. They've got neat photos of pigs in the snow too; well worth checking out.

These guys are selling stock. They are in a part of Ukraine quite close to Hungary, that used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

It isn't at all clear when they got their pigs, what they do with them, etc. They seem to be more a curiousity in Ukraine than anything else.

One would think, given how much the Ukrainians love salo (aka "lardo") they'd raise more Mangalitsa pigs. I suspect the high cost of gain deters them.

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